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Some free CPD and a diagnostic tool to improve reading provision.

For teachers interested in enhancing Secondary English with classical texts, myths and storytelling, Classics for All has a free online CPD event with Joan Foley, providing resources, tips & her experiences. Tuesday 13th June 4-5pm. Want to improve Reading Provision? Use this FREE diagnostic audit In collaboration with national expert Alice Visser-Furay, School Improvement Tracker has created a free diagnostic audit for reading. The audit allows schools and colleges to assess their current reading provision in the following areas and makes suggestions for improvements:

  • Vision and Leadership

  • Building a Reading Culture

  • Reading Independently and for Pleasure

  • Struggling Readers: Approaches and Interventions

  • Reading in Subjects

  • Reading Space and Home & Community

Once completed a bespoke report can be downloaded to share with colleagues.

To access a free diagnostic audit, click here. The audit closes midnight, Monday 29th May.

Any queries to Gareth Alcott.


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