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Reading for Pleasure: A whole School Approach

Published 13 April 2023 by Teacher Toolkit, Ross Morrison-McGill

I’ve taken inspiration from ‘Hooked On Books’ by Jane Considine (2017). In her book, Jane seeks to transform the teaching of reading based on her fundamental principles in order to convert struggling readers into book lovers. She has been involved in supporting reading in schools since 2000 and advocates the importance of reading for pleasure being the biggest single predictor of academic success.

In this resource, you'll be presented with a wide range of information across three themes: Importance, best practice and practical ideas. There are also reflection tools and templates to edit to support planning and whole school implementation. This download includes a detailed slide show, a 3-minute walk-through video, 4 editable slides and URL references.

Within this download, you can:

● Access 3 digital links (on page 2) to files that support this welcome sheet.

● Use the materials across your organisation copyright free.

● This resource was produced by Lynn How.


1. A walkthrough video on YouTube (3 minutes) - Watch Now

2. PDF slides (48 slides) - Download

3. Powerpoint slides for editing and dissemination (4 slides) - Download


  1. Download the PDF slides and follow the content as you watch the YouTube walkthro to explore some of the websites and resources mentioned.

  2. Once you understand, where included, use the Powerpoint template to edit the resources to kickstart your knowledge, development and classroom/CPD resources.

  3. Note, some images have hyperlinks behind them (and sometimes in the footnotes). Please ensure you interact with the images to access all the supporting resources.


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