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Worth a read. Shouldn’t we be thinking differently about education. Our classes are a mixture of children with different needs. Encouraging movement rather than sticking to the norm will stimulate the brain.

Unknown member
Sep 26, 2021

I think it’s important to consider the context of this article. It’s written in an online tech magazine by a journalist with seemingly no experience of education outside of their own schooling (from a quick flick through their CV). The characterisation of the current education model as Victorian is a bit harsh. We can all agree that education in the Victorian times was hugely flawed - they would punish students with violence and there was no provision for SEND students. We have come a long way from this. Yes, we now have Google and an array of useful technology and we all want students to be able to think for themselves and use these gifts. But I think that students need some knowledge to be able to think in the first place. If I don’t know something at all, what do I Google? How do I understand the information I read if I have nothing to hook it to? Thanks for giving me some things to think about though. I‘d love to hear your thoughts



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