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Early reading, literacy & numeracy (early years and Primary) Expert Group

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September 30, 2021 · changed the group description.

Welcome to the 'Early reading, literacy and numeracy group' for early years and primary. Please feel free to use it to connect with other members, get updates and share useful things.

This group was set up in September 2021, is coordinated by Mark Gibbons, headteacher at Windmill Primary School, and aims to identify the most pertinent research and examples of best practice which we then test in CAT schools to see if we can make 'tried and tested' recommendations to all schools in our trust... and beyond!

We are working with:

Dr Vivien Townsend, who is an experienced primary school teacher, a member of the Mathematical Association (MA), the Association of Teachers of Mathematics (ATM), and the National Association of Mathematics Advisers (NAMA) @vivientownsend1

Ruth Baker-Leask, who is an author, a teacher, a director of Minerva Learning Limited and chair of the National Association of Advisers in English (NAAE) @RuthBakerLeask



Welcome to the 'Early reading, literacy and numeracy group' ...
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