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Early reading, literacy & numeracy (early years and Primary) Expert Group

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Hi everyone

Great meeting last week. Here are some notes from the Maths/Numeracy side:

Look into ‘Number Sense’

 A resource that promotes additional exposure to and teaching of addition, subtraction and number bonds

 Think about how this might integrate with Maths Meetings for those schools doing Mathematics Mastery

 Catherine (Windmill) and Claire (Woodlands) said they would look into this and feed back to me

• Let me know cost implications as well

 I will then communicate with all of you before Christmas to make a suggestion as to what the test/trial might look like

Consider the concept and practice of ‘Pre-teaching’ and ‘Assigning Competence’

 Sophie (Kingsway) is already doing this

 Birchwood, Windmill, Woodlands and Stoneydelph are willing to give this a try

 The report from the action research project is available here:

• Have a look at pages 3-5 – the executive summary… ‘the impact has been extraordinary…’

• You can watch Dr. Ruth Trundley (the project lead) talking about the research and the findings here (48 minutes):

 Please feed back to me in the next two weeks and I will communicate with everyone before Christmas with a suggestion for Spring term testing/trialling

• Let me know whether there might be any costs incurred to facilitate a pre-teaching setup




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